Friday, February 27, 2009

:: Tak Sabar Beno Rasanya ::

Sebenarnya ni nak citer...Tak sabar rasanya nak menunggu usia Husna mencecah setahun.... Masa ummi search dalam tenet jumpa ler benda nie.... Tu yang sangat2 teruja nak lekat kat sini... Just sebagai panduan pada ummi yang tak tau dan tak banyak pengalaman dalam perkembangan anak-anak... InsyaAllah...ia dapat membantu.... Ummi akan cuba melihat kebenaran dan perkembangan Husna.... hehehe.... Tp, perlu ummi ingat...BAHAWA PERKEMBANGAN ANAK KITA TAK SAMA DENGAN ANAK ORANG LAIN..... paSTI IANYA BERBEZA2.... .......
  • Friday 27 Feb - Putting your baby to bed these days may be a trial if he's trying to assert his independence by resisting sleep. Establishing a bedtime routine can help. (Hehehe.... Ada Betulnya...huhuhu...)
  • Saturday 28 Feb - If you're still struggling to lose those extra pounds, you're not alone. You can get support from other new mums on our bulletin board. (Tak mau komen)
  • Sunday 01 Mar - Over the next few weeks and months, your baby will gradually start adding more words to her vocabulary. Soon she'll even add inflections to what she's telling you; before long she'll really be talking.
  • Tuesday 03 Mar - Does your child have a favourite toy or blanket? Cuddlies and comforters can help your baby feel secure enough to fall asleep on his own. Take our poll: does your baby have a comfort object?
  • Wednesday 04 Mar - If you don't live close to parents or friends who can help you in a crisis, you need to make plans. Why don't you see what other parents have said about childcare issues.
  • Thursday 05 Mar - There's a very special day coming up. To celebrate in a way your child will appreciate, read our tips on planning a birthday party for your one-year-old.
  • Friday 06 Mar - Your baby will be running around outside soon if he's not already, so your garden needs to be safe. Find out which plants are dangerous for small children.
  • Saturday 07 Mar - Your baby has reached so many milestones over the last few months -- have you kept track of them all? If not, you might want to think back and jot down the details in a baby book or photo album.
  • Sunday 08 Mar - Soft, cosy separates are comfortable clothes for babies this age. Encourage her if she likes trying on hats or holds out a foot for her sock. It will speed up the time when she can get dressed by herself.
  • Monday 09 Mar - As your baby approaches the first birthday different toys will now catch his interest.
  • Tuesday 10 Mar - Most of the time a baby with a fever isn't gravely ill. Sometimes though, it's a symptom of something more serious, so make sure you're aware of the signs of meningitis.
  • Wednesday 11 Mar - It may take up to 10 tries before your baby learns to enjoy an unfamiliar taste, so be patient when giving him new foods. There's good advice in our guide to solids for older babies.
  • Thursday 12 Mar - It's not too soon to start asking your baby questions when you read to her. She understands far more than you'd think and soon enough she'll be able to answer. Try books with repetitive words and a variety of pictures.
  • Friday 13 Mar - Is your baby beginning to show another side of his personality? Distracting him can be the way to defuse a tantrum but if you want to know what other parents do, consult our toddler-taming bulletin board.
  • Saturday 14 Mar - Are you sure your baby is getting enough sleep? Many babies this age have almost 14 hours a day -- just over 11 at night plus a couple of naps.
  • Sunday 15 Mar - If you're curious about the new issues and challenges that will come with toddlerhood, take a look at what she'll get up to in the next six months.
  • Monday 16 Mar - As your baby approaches his first birthday different toys will now catch his interest.
  • Tuesday 17 Mar - Can you believe a year has gone by already? If you can spare the time, just see where your one year old is at.
  • Wednesday 18 Mar - Your baby is one year old -- congratulations! What's ahead as your baby grows into a toddler and pre-school child? Fast forward to see where he'll be in the next two years.

Bila ummi dok membaca, ummi fikir betul ker? Itu yang hati ni tak sabar jer... Nak menunggu detik2 bersejarah nie... Memang ummi betul2 teruja... Artikal ini, Mungkin ini hanya sedikit jer atau sebahagian garisan pandua jer...... Sebagai orang tua ummi faham kita WAJIB memerhatikan perkembangan anak kita....Bukan hanya untuk 1 tahun...TETAPI sehingga dia dewasa...

Hehehe...Entah apa2 tah ummi membebel jer kan!!!!!!

4 kali peluk cium untuk Husna:

rosmona on February 28, 2009 at 1:11 PM said...

wah..bestnyer..boleh la buat party..nnti ummi jgn lupe jemput ibu na...

SyaNa on March 2, 2009 at 9:39 AM said...

kimmi..takde ke party2..hehehe
jemput kite ye..

eryn@mama tisya on March 2, 2009 at 11:01 AM said...

tklama dh husna nk ummi nk bw husna celebrates kt mn tu??

re:hah try la bw husna sure die suka tgk citer GENG tu...

Liana on March 2, 2009 at 12:45 PM said...

Rasmona, Syana & Kak Eryn

Party? Mungkin buat kecil2 jer...
Coz, kena jimat ler...Ekonomi tak menentu nie... Tp, tak tau ler kalo tetiba bertukar angin nanti...hehehe

Kak Erryn, Best yer Geng tu... Tengah fikir2 nie, nak gi ke tak nak... Riso si Husna jer nanti...


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